#all the awards to jensen ackles #because really #you can literally see what’s going on in dean’s mind #like at first he can’t believe it #he calls his name #twice #because he can’t believe he’s actually gone #maybe he’s hoping it’s like with pamela #cas burnt her eyes out but she was still alive #but then #man #then you see him almost nodding #because of course kevin is dead #and of course dean thinks it’s his fault #kevin /trusted/ him #and this what happens when people trust him, right? #’i guess that’s what i do #i let down the people i love’



30 Days of Wincest ╬ Day 2 - Favorite Quote

I could not for the life of me pick a single quote from all of the seasons as my favorite, because there are SO many. So I went with this, something they’ve said a handful of times, which might sound odd but bear with me a moment. At these two scenes, they are being called out on the codependent nature of their relationship with their brother - Dean for selling his soul to save Sam, and Sam for having a self-destructive obsession with saving Dean. And this, this is their reasoning, this is their answer. And to them that is everything. That’s reason enough to set the world on fire. He’s my brother and I will do anything to keep him safe. Anything. Even kill innocent people and damn myself to an eternity of hell.